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Talk don't let anything get in your way

Pierrot Pierrot
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Anonymous 20.05.15. 03:52

"My syndrome may be down, but my hopes are up!"

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gotrump 20.05.15. 03:53
i don't know the referance, but i am sure it is great
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huakya 20.05.15. 03:54

I worked at a music store for a while and this guy would get dropped off by his mom a couple of times a week for an hour or so, he had Down Syndrome and would just come in to enjoy the people playing and try to play some things himself.


Some of the other guys got kind of annoyed that his mom used the store as a "day care" but I'd always go talk to him. Super nice guy, always at least outwardly happy. Wonder how he's doing these days.


Anyway didn't really have anything to do with your post except people shouldn't be afraid to engage with others with conditions they don't understand. Hope your brother got the job!

Anonymous 20.05.15. 03:54

Love it! My daughter has Down Syndrome and just turned 8 months old yesterday. I‘m excited to see what her future holds.



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