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Talk A chip shop owner showing some kindness to a local homeless person

Pierrot Pierrot
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Kiko Kiko and 1 people voted

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Anonymous 20.05.13. 23:28

Little do they know it was actually the raccoons

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loser569 20.05.13. 23:28
Next day an oddly dressed clumsy man walks into the shop and points and the sign. The owner realises, "oh it must be that homeless dude". Proceeds to hand over a bottle of water and some fries. Clothes drop to the floor and 3 racoons run off laughing.
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huakya 20.05.13. 23:29

I worked a pizza place in a city once upon a time. I was closing up and there was 3/4’s of a pizza left. I thought it was wasteful to throw it out so I found a homeless guy while I walking home and gave it to him. Told him I could hook him up like that most nights, around midnight, if he was low key about it. I made sure to let him know if he showed up at the store looking for more the owner will not give him shit and I’ll get fired.


That asshole, and three of his friends, were in front of the building at 8 pm the next night screaming about free pizza… fucking morons…

Anonymous 20.05.13. 23:29
I try to give homeless people the benefit of the doubt, but after working retail and having local homeless people hang around the store all the time and harassing employees and customers I have a harder time doing it.
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VladiV2 20.05.13. 23:30

The shad man sure has changed a lot



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