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Talk The exact moment a "dad joke" landed

bokuwa bokuwa
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Anonymous 20.05.13. 22:59

Son accepted his fate. He will become a Dad someday.

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daniela_lara_ 20.05.13. 23:00
I've been a dad for five years now and firmly entrenched in the "dad joke" style of humor. Let me explain why this happens because I don't think I've ever seen anyone explain it.

If you're like most single dudes, up to to point when you become a dad, joking around is your number one pastime and most of your sense of humor is inappropriate for children, but that's cool, cuz you only very occasionally have to hang out with children, and you spend most of those moments sitting silently or asking awkward questions like "so, what's your favorite cereal?"

But now you're a dad and bam, 90% of your free time is hanging out with children. You still love joking around, but you can't tell the jokes you used to anymore and you have no idea how to entertain these kids. What can you do? You desperately search your feeble mind and bam, you realize, oh puns are a form of humor and they are probably appropriate for children. And next thing you know, all your idle mind does now is think of puns. And that my friends, is how you become a dad.
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Pierrot 20.05.13. 23:01

Waitress: "Do you want a box for your leftovers?"

Dad: "Well I haven't fought in years but I bet I can take ya."

Raises fists

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gotrump 20.05.13. 23:02

And here we have the 4 different responses to a dad joke.

Blue shirt is hiding his/her face cuz the joke is so bad it made him/her laugh.

Red shirt is in awe at how bad the joke is and has to process it, but he still found it a little funny.

White hoodie is genuinely disappointed by the joke.

Blue sweater(might be the mom, I can't tell) is laughing reluctantly.



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