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News Pence seeks to blame CDC and China for any delay in US coronavirus response

gamikaje gamikaje
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Q: Did the United States get off to a late start handling the coronavirus?

Vice President Pence: "The reality is that we could have been better off if China had been more forthcoming"


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gamikaje OP 20.04.01. 20:05
Thanks to #China lying and hiding the situation. Thank you
for continuing to remain in lockstep (Er...goosestep) w/#communist #Beijing, siding w/them against #American leaders. We can always count on your treacherous behavior. #FakeNews
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bokuwa 20.04.01. 20:06
And if you hadn’t dismissed the pandemic team, or ignored warnings for months, or had any competency at all.
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daniela_lara_ 20.04.01. 20:06
Trump went golfing 6 times after the first confirmed US case.
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gotrump 20.04.01. 20:07
I thought it was the impeachment's fault?
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loser569 20.04.01. 20:07
If only we had an organisation like say a CIA or something that could monitor countries to protect safety because I’m sure keeping a pandemic secret is easier to hide than troop movements ! Like you wouldn’t be able to see hospitals fail and hazmat suits in streets ? Wtf


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