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Talk Coronavirus is fucking serious.

daniela_lara_ daniela_lara_
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Lots of people think this is kinda strong flu

but look at this. Once you get it, the death rate is almost 20%

1 of 5 people die.


All the goverments(media) saying that we can come over this just to avoid panic.

Do not trust them. 

this is fucking serious.


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bokuwa 20.04.01. 17:38
Experts say that this is different from the normal epidemic.
normally if contagion is high, death rate is low.
if contagion is low, death rate is high.
but Coronavirus has high contagion level and high death rate.
All the related institutions are struggling now since this kinda case has never happened before.
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gamikaje 20.04.01. 17:39
Does the lungs function even if they are cured?


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