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Info [MODS ONLY] New betting commands

Mr_ChanChan Mr_ChanChan
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How to open?

!openbet "Head or Tail" (Head|Tail) 90

Title must be in "" and options must be in () separated by |

90 is time(seconds) for the bet open. 90 is minimum.

All the options are allocated by numbers automatically so people can bet on number.

eg) 1-Head, 2-Tail

*options can be more than 2


How to close?

!closebet 1

If the result is 2, should be closed with !closebet 2

You can close bet without result number if there is any problem or need to restart or need to refund.


if this command is triggered without result number, all the bettings will be refunded.


* Payout is working exaclty the same way as Twitch's prediction system.

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