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Talk Chansino Suggestions!

KingYuchi KingYuchi
30 8 0

Heads/Tails coin toss:
!betcoin heads
!betcoin tails

Guess the card:
    combination of:
    guess suit (heart, club, etc)
    guess color
    guess number
    guess exact card (eg !betcard heartking)

!betcard 4
!betcard heart
!betcard blackace

!betcard club5


Add to roulette:
red/black bet, odd/even, etc.



Add special effects and sound effects for large multiplier wins.
When on autopilot, show the next game (dice game, roulette, horse racing, etc). Show how many more rounds of current game.
Show list of "recent Jackpot winners" and size of win
Show possible prizes as incentive to play/gamble

InkedDragon(George<3) and 8 people voted

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