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Talk My top 10 movies of all time and also recommend me things to watch

owkenny owkenny
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I watch many movies from many different countries and and decided to sit down and list my top 10 favorites and also have other people feel free to list theirs or general talk about good movies to watch.  I have odd tastes in just about everything so heres my list:


1) Akira

2) Confessions (2010 japanese movie)

3) The Shining

4) Happy Death Day 2U (2019 US movie)

5) Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl 

6) Call (2020 Korean movie)

7) Shin Godzilla

8) Rigor Mortis (2013 Hong Kong movie)

9) A Tale of Two Sisters

10) What We Do In The Shadows

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NotStarHelix 21.06.21. 07:55
One movie I really like is called "Who Am I : No System is Safe" it's a German hacker movie, a fun ride and quite a twist at the end. If you can find in your language it's definitely worth a watch.
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owkenny OP 21.06.22. 06:36
I will see if i can find it next time i have time to watch a movie
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owkenny OP 21.06.22. 06:42
to be honest, never seen it. Ive seen so much about it from pop culture references that i know the plot and how it goes lol
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KingYuchi 21.06.23. 00:26

In no particular order, here are ten of my favorite movies:

[ ] Gattaca
[ ] The Prestige
[ ] Amadeus
[ ] Requiem for a Dream
[ ] Clerks
[ ] With a Friend Like Harry
[ ] Catch Me If You Can
[ ] Patch Adams
[ ] Memento
[ ] Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

They are all 10/10 perfect movies to me, and I can watch them over and over. I think most of you will have seen a few of them, I doubt anyone has seen them all. Trust me when I say they are all gems 🤩

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KingYuchi 21.06.23. 00:30
Honorable mention: "Better Luck Tomorrow" (2002). Not perfect, but a good movie nonetheless. A young John Cho stars in it, too.
NotStarHelix 21.06.25. 07:00
I used to rewatch Catch Me if You Can as a kid all the time. That movie is fantastic.
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buzzinfrog 21.06.24. 07:17
i don't have a top 10 but i love some comedy movies (i'm not watching a lot of movies)


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