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Talk Fishing Pics?

Chibibotan Chibibotan
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Do we have any fishers? I haven't done it much, but had fun that last time I went


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Mr_ChanChan 21.05.26. 01:22
Wow so beautiful photo chibi!!! When was this??? You look so happy! I love your smile!!
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Chibibotan OP 21.05.29. 12:00
It was the only fish I caught that day ;A;
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KingYuchi 21.05.29. 11:56

Screenshot_20210525-044002_Photos.jpgFishing from Newport Beach, May 2019. I love fishing!

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KingYuchi 21.05.29. 12:08
It is a mackerel.

They always fight like a much larger fish with amazing energy. I use it as bait or throw it back. I have fished so many mackerel (and seen so many fished up by others) that it's the one fish I refuse to eat. I can't stand the distinct smell anymore.


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