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Talk I feel like pure shite and im trying to get through the day

BaggovTenner BaggovTenner
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I stayed up the whole night trying to finish my college bullshit and now i got backpain, and a slightly dizzy head. Just 1 more sip off coffee will probably knock me out. I feel like i got hit by a minivan. Wish me luck as I'm still got A LOT MORE work to be done by TODAY and i also have to carry my crumbling body through the night so i can finally rest. Bye

mehhem0 mehhem0님 포함 4명이 추천

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owkenny 21.02.03. 08:03
Good Luck and kick ass. Don't forget to take a break and stretch out and walk around a bit everyone hour or so!
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N1FFY 21.02.10. 11:28
You got this! Most people aren't that dedicated in the first place so just remind yourself how awesome you are!


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