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owkenny owkenny
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I love the stream and the community.  I'm one of the people that joined during the Kneecopter viral video boom last summer and Mr Chan Chan has been my go-to stream ever since.  I've learned from watching his youtube videos that we were in similar situation; I had a job that payed really well but over worked me.  They started working me more and more and i got so miserable that i finally quit recently.  I worked there for 12 years and making lots of money was great but I had no time to do anything with it so I just got depressed but now, I have all the time in the world and plenty saved up to not worry about it for a while.  Mr Chan Chan's positive vibes and amazing streams were a great escape and inspiration to how I want to live now.



rockleena rockleena님 포함 7명이 추천

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rosaakitty 21.01.14. 17:56
hey we joined the fam around the same time ! its crazy how much the mentality changes huh ? anyways super proud of you for putting yourself first bro ! ruvv
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Astrobounder 21.01.15. 00:55
Same here, joined the day it blew up & he inspired me to quit my miserable job and start streaming & spread love. Never been happier
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rockleena 21.01.17. 03:19
it's funny how much we feel alone and victimized in those situations. But there is a whole world of people out here facing similar struggles. ChanChan has been an amazing place for us to come together and just have a good time together - no matter what is going on out there. ChanChan is always there to put smiles on our faces.
Dshenlong 21.01.28. 08:12
Leena put it so well. Love this community!


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