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Talk My grandparents

Pierrot Pierrot
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Anonymous 20.05.16. 08:31

Can someone come get they nana and peepaw please. They be wildin’.

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bokuwa 20.05.16. 08:32

This photo was honestly one of the things that stuck in my head from that series... I mean we kind of already could figure this out but in your wedding photos? really? and you're like hey - let's give Netflix a copy of this!

Anonymous 20.05.16. 08:32
Their world is so insular that they couldn’t imagine anyone seeing that differently than they do. Same with all those music videos Baskin showed the producers. They said in a later interview they had an incredibly hard time not laughing when they saw them
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daniela_lara_ 20.05.16. 08:33
No, it ain't quite that. Joe Exotic was a terrible person, and he bred and slaughtered tigers like he was running a puppy mill. Baby Tiger Cubs brought in a ton of money, people would pay a shit ton to play with them, but the problem is that they very quickly grow into adult tigers. They need a ton of food, space, upkeep, and are extremely expensive. So Joe was breeding this tigers as much as possible, then killing them left and right as soon as they're not profitable. Carole wanted to shut down his zoo for ethical reasons.

Netflix approaches Carole Baskin and they act like they want to do a documentary on Joe's animal abuse and crimes. You know, raise awareness for this type of industry. And since he just was put in jail for trying to kill her, she is under the impression that this will be a documentary focused on him. She lets her guard down in the interview, and doesn't think Netflix is in it to fuck her over.

The documentary is released, and it's not at all what she expected. They don't exactly whitewash Joe, but they severely downplay and focus attention away from a lot of his crimes, and they play up footage where he's being funny and charming to try to make him look as good as possible. And on the reverse, they make Carole look like a devil woman. Her husband's disappearance was investigated at the time, and she was not a suspect. He was involved in drug running, and he was an amateur pilot who always talked about fleeing to Costa Rica

It was a hatchet job on Carole, and she didn't expect it at all.


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