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Pierrot Pierrot
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I've restarted my life multiple times. You quickly find that your troubles don't stem from your current situation, they stem from within and you can't run away from yourself. If you really want life to improve, get a therapist.


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Anonymous 20.05.16. 07:01

Yes, once someone has “reinvented” themselves enough you start to feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in that Catch Me If You Can film. Your actual self, and every terrible thing associated with it, is always with you. The only difference is you were ignoring it, keeping yourself distracted with literally, physically running away from it... It catches up eventually, and by that time you’re even more exhausted. Do it if you have to, but it’s equally as temporary a solution as most things.

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gotrump 20.05.16. 07:01
That’s a really good explanation for it. It’s hard to describe but that’s pretty much what it feels like, you can move to a different state and reinvent yourself but that won’t change how you treat yourself and how you treat others - and that’s a hard fact to admit, believe me
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loser569 20.05.16. 07:03
That logical conclusion to that thought process is that you really just shouldn't even bother. While it's true that you should try to find ways to be happy with the person you are, that doesn't mean you should reject the opportunity to figure out what that actually means to you wholesale. If you're not happy with who you are, by all mean, reinvent yourself... I guess just be sure you have an idea what you want to be different before taking the leap.
Anonymous 20.05.16. 07:04

I've also restarted and it has been overwhelmingly positive for me. I left a toxic town where I had no real opportunities and dove head first into an entirely different life. It was hard. It still is sometimes but I would do it all over again and much sooner if I could go back. I think the main thing is you have to learn to love/trust yourself before you can be happy ANYWHERE but it can definitely be done. The way I think about it is that everyone always says "I hate this town!" and then choose to live there their entire lives. I said fuck that and left. I didn't know how it would go at the time, but it has turned out to be the best decisions I ever made for myself.

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gamikaje 20.05.16. 07:04

I want to become the bartender who everyone is sure has a dark secret, but I hide it really well until one day three robbers come running in and I take them all out with karate, and then my secret is out. Off to the next town

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Mr_ChanChan 20.05.16. 07:05

Honestly, this keeps me going sometimes. I love PR and kind of a dream to move there one day and I had an ex who knew about my suicidal tendencies and she told me once "If you ever decide you're seriously going to do it, sell what you can and jump on a flight to San Juan. You might find what you need permanently there, or at the very least give yourself a chance at a reboot."


I think about it a lot sometimes and just the thought really has helped once or twice. If the worst thing that can happen is that I end myself, might as well give my dreams a shot first.



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