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Talk My son figured out this trick today!



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Anonymous 2020.05.13. 23:05

I was waiting for the GIF or video to start lol

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huakya 2020.05.13. 23:06
Me too!! Took me way too long to realize it wasn't gonna happen!
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VladiV2 2020.05.13. 23:07

I remember when my son got too old for this trick. I was working on something and he came up to me and asked if we could play games together. I said I was too busy right now, and he said "Please? You don't have to plug my controller."

He wasn't fooled, and he didn't care, he just wanted to sit with daddy on the couch for a while. So, work had to wait. I took a break and we played whatever he wanted.

Edit for FAQ:

Thank you sincerely for the well wishes,

He was 3ish (this was a few years ago),

Yes I did plug in his controller,

These days, he likes to play Halo and yell in my ear like an insane parrot who watches WWII movies,

If I'm a good dad, it's because I had good examples

Anonymous 2020.05.13. 23:07
I think I would cry... he has known you were doing it to him but wants to spend time with you so much he is willing to not even play and just pretend he is doing something with you.

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