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Talk Don't worry if you forget it sometimes, just remind yourself again.



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Pierrot 2020.05.13. 07:05

I started with a small habit, but I had too many holy people coming up to my house.

I was having nun if it.

Anonymous 2020.05.13. 07:06

This is making me really self-conscious about my scoliosis.

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gotrump 2020.05.13. 07:06
Have scoliosis too

One time my physical therapist told me that sitting in a way that doesn’t hurt your back more takes a certain level of self consciousness. Similar to yoga when you have to check your body positions to ensure you have the pose right. It’s definitely a self-conscious moment but you NEED to be conscious and connected in order to benefit from the practice. It takes a while to retrain your brain to consider being self conscious isn’t ALL bad

Anyways just a little tidbit picked up on my self care journey to manage pain. Feel free to reach out if you need support for your back—and know you’re not alone in how you feel

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