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Talk Prisoners with jobs


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loser569 User 2020.05.16. 08:39

The prisoners with jobs are escaping.

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huakya 2020.05.16. 08:40

If you go to jail for not paying your taxes then end up prison labor did you get sold into slavery because of your underpaid debts to the government?

Anonymous 2020.05.16. 08:40
Yes. Plenty of people also go to jail for things like “failure to appear” that are linked to debts.

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VladiV2 2020.05.16. 08:41

The 13th Amendment permits prisoners to be used as slaves.

Anonymous 2020.05.16. 08:53

Y’all need to lookup the Angola prison rodeo, this is Louisiana we are talking about. They’ve punitively welded prisoners into their cells here.

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